Professional Behavioral and Obedience Training

About Us


Michelle Payson, ABC Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Michelle Payson has actively been involved in training family dogs for 15 years. She is focused on providing effective and convenient solutions to her clients' dog training needs via private in home lessons and group classes.  Michelle specializes in resolving fearful, reactive, and aggressive dog behaviors, because these issues can be most problematic for her clients and their families.  Michelle Payson Dog Training is well respected and referred by local veterinarians, groomers, boarding facilities, and other pet care professionals. 

Michelle is a Graduate with Honors of Animal Behavior College.  Michelle also provides training and education to students studying to become professional dog trainers as an Animal Behavior College Mentor Trainer.  Michelle has an extensive education in dog behavior and training, and continues her professional development by remaining current on industry literature, continuing education opportunities, and via an extensive support network of accomplished dog behavior and training professionals.  Michelle is also an American Red Cross Pet CPR and First Aid Certified Instructor, and Doggone Safe Be a Tree presenter.  Michelle is currently working on discovering Wyatt's hidden talents, her rescued Border Collie/Whippet mix in training. 


Training Philosophy

We provide customized training plans based on scientifically-proven positive reinforcement dog training and behavior modification methods. Training should be simple and rewarding for both you and your dog. 

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Early Puppy Training and Socialization


Standards of Care for Behavior Modification 

Dominance Theory should not be used in Dog Behavior Modification Training


A Well Trained Dog is a Relaxed Dog

Anyone can teach your dog a particular obedience cue. To prevent future behavior problems,  it takes a professional to ensure that your dog is not only skilled in obedience, but is content to relax with your family in daily life. Training done properly results in a dog who offers behavior versus always having to be told what not to do. Teaching your dog to confidently relax in various environments results in a confident and happy dog versus a demanding or anxious dog who doesn't know how to calm himself. Happy dogs result in happy families!  Let us help you achieve your training goals.