Professional Behavioral and Obedience Training

Puppy Social Play- puppies 8 weeks to 5 months old

Supervised Play and Socialization

Puppy playtime and socialization


This puppy social hour is for people/dog friendly puppies 8 weeks to 6 months old who are not fearful of people/dogs, do not bark excessively, have not bit a person/dog, and do not guard people/food/toys. If you are unsure that your puppy meets these requirements, please contact us for help choosing the right option for your puppy before registering for play hour.

Puppy social hour is 1 hour long in the location you register for. This is NOT a drop off session; you must stay and supervise your puppy at all times. A certified trainer will be present to monitor play and answer any questions you may have about appropriate social behavior. 

Proof of age appropriate vaccinations (DHLPP, Bordatella) is required to participate in social hour. 

You must register to attend. No refunds will be issued if you do not arrive as scheduled and there are no make-up sessions. 

Puppies should be brought with a regular flat leash (no flexi leashes), and a flat collar, head or body harness (no chokes, prongs, or shock collars). 

Puppies who behave aggressively to people/puppies or with extreme fear issues will not be allowed to stay for social hour as it will not be a suitable environment for them. Our trainer will recommend services to help with your puppy’s behavior concerns.

Children over 8 years old may attend if:

  • Accompanied by TWO adults, one adult to monitor the puppy and one adult to monitor the child.
  • Children  can follow parents' and trainer’s instructions to refrain from running, yelling, climbing on dog equipment, etc.
  • Parents understand that if puppies are jumping/nipping at children, we will move the children to a viewing area where the puppies cannot reach them to ensure they are not inadvertently injured.


  • Whitinsville - The Valley Pet Resort and Spa, 18 Granite St.