Professional Behavioral and Obedience Training

Professional Behavioral and Obedience Training

Professional Behavioral and Obedience TrainingProfessional Behavioral and Obedience Training



Dog Parkour Novice

Dog Parkour is a physical sport where dogs move through their environment and conquer obstacles in their path building muscle control, coordination, balance, and confidence. It includes climbing, balancing, jumping, running, vaulting, going over,  going under, going through, being creative, combining skills in sequences, using one obstacle in a variety of ways,  and working past fear.  Dog Parkour is a non competitive event, but it is a titling event. You will never look at your regular walks in the city, woods, neighborhood or other environments the same again! Every walk will be an adventure for you and your dog. 

Novice skills include: 4 feet on, 2 feet on, moving obstacle, under, through, in over, around, balance, wait on obstacle, back up, 3 obstacle sequence, and creativity.

Dog Parkour Intermediate

Intermediate Skills include: 4 feet on, 2 feet on pivot, under, balance, stimulus control, in, over, around, send, tic tacs, back up, gap jump,  5 obstacle sequence, and creativity. 

Scent Games, Puzzles, and Enrichment

Dog's crave mental enrichment. Scenting, foraging, excavating, and navigating are all high on their preferred activities list and can be problematic when they are engaging in ways that are destructive to our homes and yards. Come learn how to introduce activities and games to your dog to engage them properly. Test out a variety of fun scent games, puzzles, and enrichment activities sure to engage even the most distracted or disinterested dogs.  

Paws in the Parks

This workshop meets in various local parks to work on how to have a relaxing walk with your dog without losing your dog's obedience and manners in the process. We will work on coming when called, using a long line safely for more freedom, passing distractions with grace, dealing with space invaders (don't worry my dog is friendly types), and how to allow your dog to scent without dragging you all over the place in the process.  

Resolving Barking Problems

While barking is a normal behavior for dogs, excessive barking is an unhealthy habit for our dogs. Come work through assessing your dog's barking concerns, develop a management plan to reduce stress, and develop a training plan for reducing excessive barking.  

Confidence Building

If your puppy, rescued dog, or older dog is showing signs of avoidance, sensitivity, fear, or anxiety in relation to people, dogs, places, items, noises, handling, etc, come learn how to help your dog overcome challenges and view his world more positively and confidently. Early and positive socialization is crucial for dogs to develop confidently. Dogs may miss out on early socialization because they were in rescue, rehomed, had owners with life circumstances or unplanned events that prevented them from socializing or training their puppy, were sick or injured and required to remain at home with low activity, or simply became less tolerant as they aged. It's never too late to help reduce your dog's sensitivities and give them a sense of confidence.